Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Dear Readers,

YELLOW MOON—is born. Every time I write a novel, I wonder whether readers will like my baby. A writer can spend months, years working on a book—be absolutely in love with a project—but it has only a half-life until the connection is made with readers. Sometimes, I wish I could be a fly in the room as readers read my work. While it always bothers me when a reader doesn’t like a particular novel—(I can’t help but feel that I’ve let a reader down!)—I also always reply, “If you don’t like this novel, try another one!”

I pride myself that my books do embrace a range of styles and themes—historical fiction, mystery, magical, spirit-filled tales, religion, womanist affirmations, and a call for peace, racial and ethnic harmony, and, I hope, much, much more. All my stories are written from a wellspring of passion and a belief that words can be both powerful, inspiring, and downright fun.

Just as writers and books are unique, so are all people and their preferred reading tastes. What matters is that we all share a love of stories, and that there are infinite story possibilities that can entertain, engage, and educate us.

I can promise this: for every book I write, I try my best. Every book, I seek to stretch myself as a writer. I am not biased for or against any genre—to me, it is fun to write a literary fiction, a mystery thriller, then, next a memoir about my grandmother who raised me on oral stories and a blend of Christian and African-based spirituality.

I am thrilled that so many people are turning to writing—whether self-published or not, the act of writing can be cathartic, but, most importantly, loving of one-self and of the worldwide community of readers.

Cheers, my friend. In my next blogs, I’ll talk about the writing process. Besides being a novelist, I love teaching creative writing.

Above all things, I love being a woman, a wife, and Mom.



Bernice L. McFadden said...

Congrats Jewell!
I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into your new creation!


danielle said...

I'm reviewing Yellow Moon for Mosaic Literary Mag and I am enjoying every minute of it. Congratulations on making a fascinating, entertaining work of art.

sbl1 said...

The magic storyteller does it


Jewell Parker Rhodes said...

Thanks, Bernice. I look forward to meeting you in person. Your books are always so satisfying! Jewell

Jewell Parker Rhodes said...

Dear Danielle,
THANK YOU so much for your kind words. I just renewed my subscription to MOSAIC for two years--so, I'm going to be appreciating all your reviews. I hope you keep enjoying my tale. Best wishes, Jewell

Jewell Parker Rhodes said...

Thank you, Susie. Will I see you in Pittsburgh?

Julia said...

I am honored to have won a copy of Yellow Moon!!! I am buying a copy for my sister, for I want to introduce her to the beauty of your writings.

Congratulations and many thanks,